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I will actually see my first patients on Tuesday. So it's doable. Even if you're old like me, and have been out of pharmacy school forever, it's totally doable. But probably it would take 10 times as long without taking the course, because Jamie goes over all the things you need to know about how to set up everything from a bank account to an LLC, how to get started seeing patients, all the details, and she has figured it all out for you and sort of put it into a simplified version in a class. So you don't have to go out there and spend months and months doing all that research.
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“I have been in and gotten so frustrated and bored with traditional retail pharmacy, and just felt is soul crushing…and I don't just have to be a cog in the wheel, I can be what I want to be I can make, make it my own. And I can really be passionate about my customers and my clients. So the truth of where I'm at now, I've been active in my business for about a year and have been seeing clients.”
“I was dissatisfied with my job at the cancer center and felt like I was stuck there and you know, just frustrated and ready for a change and have really lost my motivation to do anything extra or expand myself and was just kind of surviving. And I learned about Jamie's Academy and all that she was doing and I just was drawn to her personality and a member of the Academy for >1 year now and say that I had never regretted my decision to join. I give this Academy 100% approval rating.
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“Before I met Jamie, I was a retail pharmacist who was miserable, tired, burnt out, overworked and undervalued and underappreciated. I contemplated leaving pharmacy but had no idea what I would do if I wasn't a pharmacist. When I learned about what Jamie was creating, how she was able to leave retail, start her own business using PGX. I was inspired. I knew this was what I was looking for, this was how I was going to get out of retail. And I did, I created Tar Heel PGx consulting, and I have helped over 50 patients know which medications they should and should not take based on their test results… I get to work from home, I get to choose when I work and where I work. And if I want a day off, I get to choose that that's up to me. So it's hard almost to put into words everything that the Academy has meant to me.
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I couldn't have asked for a better coach or mentor than Jamie. The Academy also provides all the information I needed to start my own business, including weekly guest interviews…also included other pharmacists that are doing their own innovative things with their career, and it's just nice to see what other people are doing and get advice with that.
“I'd always wanted to be an entrepreneur for many years. And so I realized this is a great opportunity for me to help patients to be successful with the medication therapies that they need to have. And this is a way for me to be valued for what I'm worth for me to be able to determine what I want to do and where I want to go in my career.”
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“My epiphany moment was when I was awarded a national award from Single Care, I won the pharmacy award for being a pharmacy influencer. This reassured me that what I was creating for my patients and my community was indeed valuable and appreciated.”
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“[Starting a business] was new to me, I had no background in this at all. But the materials that were provided by the Academy through the coursework, as well as the support from the the other members and faculty of the Academy have helped me move through this process I'm excited that this is coming together..but with the tools from the Academy as well as the resources and expertise of all of those that are involved I'm excited to continue to move forward. I’m excited to see the benefit that this will provide to those that I'm able to help patients and others in the community that have an interest in this. So very excited, very thankful and looking forward to the future.”
“I have now 350 patients from five different facilities from actually I want to say three or four different states and I have left my hospital job. So I am holding my newborn as I work today just looking over patients and doing CMM comprehensive medication management from home on my peds patients. I can’t refer and recommend Jamie enough because, again, she she made it possible to happen in the short amount of time and helped me with my exit strategy.
“I've always wanted to start my own consulting practice, but I didn't know where to start. I didn't know who to talk to where to go. And she laid it all out. For anybody who needs step by step instruction on who do you see what type of plans do you need to be implementing to be successful? This course is the course for you.
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“I really wanted to start my own consulting business, but felt absolutely clueless and more importantly, lacked the confidence to actually do it. Jamie's PG X confidence consulting Academy made me excited and proud to be a pharmacist again. I never imagined I could feel this way after 19 years in retail pharmacy. This program is exactly what I needed a step by step personalized approach that wasn't overwhelming. She not only holds your hand through it all, but is your personal cheerleader. Without her I would not have been able to overcome my feelings of impostor syndrome… Jamie gave me the confidence knowledge base and tools to start helping people now. The Academy has taught me how to offer much needed personalized patient care. It changed my life. And who knows it just may change yours too.”
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“At the time that I bought the course, I was pretty busy, I was working part time at a retail store, and I was running my own business. And so I was really happy to find that Jamie built the course so that it could fit into the schedule of a busy professional, so a full time employee, someone who was already running their own business. And from week one, you know, I just noticed that it wasn't going to be a bit another video series or another webinar that kind of gives you that overarching higher level guidance on how to do something, but doesn't necessarily answer all your questions. And it makes you read between the lines, and said, this program is actually a do-it-with-you style program. So you know, she explains exactly how she does her. She created her business, exactly the resources that she used, exactly the resources that her network uses, you know, things that others might prefer, but just don't fit into her business model. And she even brings in other professionals to give their perspectives on running a business

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Do I need to be certified? Will I be qualified enough?

Nope! You don’t need to be certified. Your PharmD (or decades as a BPharm) is more than enough! Within the Academy, we provide links to free educational resources to get your brain up to speed with precision medicine basics (especially in pharmacogenomics). Isn’t that exciting? For those who want a full-fledged CE (continuing education) program, we compare all existing programs to help you find the right fit for you.

If I’m already certified, then why do I need the Precision Pharmacist Academy?

Getting a CE certificate is just the beginning to helping patients in your community in a new, better way. The strength of these great CE programs are that they get your brain up to speed of the science very quickly.

Their weakness is that is where they leave off too. You learn how genetics affect medication, but virtually nothing about how to then go use it in your community today. Pharmacists have little-to-no experience working with labs, prescribers or patients in this new way. When you layer in starting your own business it is very apparent that learning about precision medicine and DOING precision medicine are different skill sets. Our community of >300 pharmacists doing precision medicine is invaluable.

What disease states are most affected by PGx

Mental health, cardiology, infectious disease, oncology, pain, diabetes, etc . The list is growing by the day.

Could something like this really work for me in my community? I don't know any prescribers here!

That’s ok! You don’t need to have personal relationships like that before you start. We will teach you how to network and how to reach out to potential prescriber collaborators both online and in person. Don’t let that hold you back.

Do I need prior business experience? I’ve never started my own business before.

Welcome to the club. >80% of our members have zero prior business experience and they’re not letting that slow them down one bit.

What types of practices are most open to working with pharmacists in this regard?

Independently owned or small group practices, independent pharmacies, behavioral health clinics, pain clinics, wellness clinics, and the specialties such as family practice, psychiatry, OB/GYN, pediatrics, etc.

Can I be a concierge pharmacist consultant?

Yes! We have several interviews with concierge pharmacists in the Academy that you’ll love seeing pharmacists successful in this space!

What kind of experience is required to go into something like this?

None! You don’t have to have prior experience to be a consultant! A new grad could do it or a BPharm pharmacist who hasn’t worked outside of retail in 30+ years can do it. Experience doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. What matters is how you can help your patients in your community with your knowledge.

I live in a small town. Could I make this work in a rural community?

Heck yes! Some of the pharmacists in our Academy who have the most success are in small towns. Small towns have some really nice advantages.

Can I work remotely?

That is the joy of creating your own business: you get to choose how and where you work. We take a deep dive in the Academy teaching you all things to consider in making a remote position work for you.

Is my state board of pharmacy ok with this?

Every state has a different definition about what the practice of pharmacy in their state.  Layer on top of that precision medicine which has very few formalized constraints for pharmacists. It can be confusing! We have pharmacists in every state to help you out. Plus, we are building & growing a library of information as a community in this network to help you best understand how to navigate your individual state in this new, dynamic space, including a state-by-state analysis of the scope of a pharmacist!

How many patients do I need to see?

It’s up to you. Hang with us! We walk you through Business 101 in teaching you what you charge per patient, how that will turn in recurring revenue, and how that will work within a few different business models. There are so many business models out there and you’ll learn what is likely to suit your needs and your financial goals the most efficiently.

How long does it take to replace my salary as a pharmacist?

That is the million-dollar question. It varies! First of all: don’t quit your day job to start a business. Businesses take time to grow and prove they are sustainable. We teach our pharmacists how to start as a profitable side hustle. Then scale over time. If you are expecting to grow a money tree overnight then you are going to be disappointed. That is not realistic.  It also greatly depends upon YOU and how active you are in growing your business. Some pharmacists in the Academy are creating their new careers at a sprint pace and embedding in a clinic with an existing patient load. Others are building it much more leisurely on the side and growing their contacts by word of mouth and social media.

What is the overhead like to start up a consulting practice?

Very low! As far as new businesses go, you almost can’t start a new business cheaper! There is no brick and mortar, staff, or inventory you have to buy upfront. As a consultant you are really paying with your time.  Our Academy teaches you the business basics, and how to estimate your monthly expenses. That way you can price your services profitably and budget appropriately.

I want to get into consulting but don't want PGx to be all I do. What other services can I add for additional recurring income?

Oh heck yes! PGx (pharmacogenomics) shouldn’t be all you do. No way! You’ll learn how many pharmacists use PGx as a core offering, but expand from there. When they are seeing their first patients they note the problems these patients face and get to work building more solutions.  We in the Academy offer a buffet of RPh-led pharmacy services that you can pair with PGx to suit your interests best as well as the needs of your community. From functional wellness to point-of-care testing, to nutrigenomics, to remote patient monitoring, we’ve got you covered. You’ll love learning how you can make money as a pharmacist.

Isn't it really risky to start something new like this?

Heck no! There is very little financial investment and nothing to lose other than some of your spare time. To us, it is much riskier not to do anything with your career. By taking action and investing in yourself, you are mitigating future risk if something happens in your current position. This is actually making your future less risky by giving you more valuable skills and setting yourself and your knowledge apart from your peers.

Is there clinical utility to using PGx?

Excellent question! There is a growing body of robust evidence of the value of pharmacogenomics testing. Some of our favorites to use are called CPIC (Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC®) and PharmGKB, both of which are funded by the NIH and free to use as a clinician. Their resources are invaluable. You’ll learn all about them in the Academy.

What is the biggest obstacle pharmacists face in this space?

The courage to start something new. It can be scary to start something new, but wow, by doing so you open yourself up to incredible possibilities right in front of you that you’d never know about otherwise. Growth can be scary, but it is scarier to not grow and adapt to the future of pharmacy.

What is the most rewarding part of the work of a precision pharmacist?

Working with patients and helping change the rest of their lives by truly understanding their medication and how their DNA plays such an important role in how it works in their body. This is why you went to pharmacy school: to truly help patients and not just medicate them. This is what being a pharmacist feels like it should be.

How do you find your niche/clients?

We’ll teach you all about that in the Academy. Many people in the community can benefit from working with a pharmacist that you don’t even know about! We’ll show you different buckets of people with different problems and how you can reach them in your community today. Instead of convincing people of the value of a precision pharmacist, we teach you to attract the clients that are already looking for you.

Can you bill insurance for these services?

You’ll learn how to bill insurance and how to pursue cash-paying patients. Two different business models, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Do patients actually pay pharmacists for their time!?

Heck yes they do! You’d be surprised how willing patients are to pay for this knowledge. PGx is so exciting because it is not just a lab test that has to be repeated again and again. Your DNA doesn’t change, so this guides a patient in using medication appropriately for the REST OF THEIR LIFE! Don’t underestimate what patients are willing to pay for. When you can show them the value, then it’s actually a pretty easy conversation.

Does the Academy offer resources/tips on obtaining clients?

Of course, we teach how to find clients/collaborators. We will walk you through creating your ideal client avatar and make sure you are building your business and services around that ideal avatar's wants and needs.

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Learn To Create Your Own Precision Medicine Practice!
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